Another day at your practice, and you're seated in front of a patient that is ready to begin treatment. Each patient is different, but you can tell right from the start which ones will be most difficult to treat. This triggers the routine series of questions in your highly trained mind:

You're not alone, some variation of these thoughts go through every doctor’s mind when they are confronted with a tough and challenging case. This frustration is real!

The one truth in all of this is, that there certainly is a doctor somewhere who treats cases like this with great skill and ease. So here at qlark, we set out to liberate this skill and knowledge from these clinical masters and make it available to you wherever you are whenever you need it!

We are excited to bring to you qlark Clinical Studios — a highly focused learning experience like never before! In a gist, qlark Clinical Studios are:

  1. One Challenging Case: an in-depth no holds barred highly focused analysis of one challenging case.
  2. Master Clinician Analysis: a deep unbiased dive into every detail of the case from diagnosis, treatment, and outcome by the treating doctor and a fellow experienced orthodontist.
  3. Validated and Verified Case Report: a validated and verified case report using qlark Case Card technology for you to independently analyze every aspect of the case and records.
  4. Master Clinician Access: complete access to the treating doctor to answer any and every question of yours.
  5. ADA + AGD CE Units: As a cherry on top, you also earn ADA + AGD CE units through your enrollment.
  6. Forever Access: This is the internet we’re talking about, so once you enroll this content is available to you forever to access!

The qlark Clinical Studios truly take your learning to the next level — it literally is like shadowing the treating doctor through the treatment journey in their clinic and being able to ask them any question you have. All this as a virtual experience, making it simple for you to do from anywhere at any time that suits you!

At the end of this experience, our goal is to give you the tools to master treating a tough case like this in record time without the associated confusion and anxiety!

Click here to see the qlark Clinical Studios that are available now! You know you want to be the best possible clinician you can be, and we’re here to help you realize that.